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Soderquist Appraisals provides a wide scope of real estate valuation related consulting services.

A few examples of our consulting services are:

Arbitration is a dispute settlement procedure where two or more parties submit issues in dispute to an independent Arbitrator. The Arbitrator’s decision is final and binding on the parties. Arbitration services are provided within the framework of the Alberta Arbitration Act, but outside the formal legal system. Arbitration is private, and is faster and less costly than civil litigation. Soderquist Appraisals offers Arbitration services on any real estate related dispute including:

  • Lease renewal rental rates, terms, etc.;
  • Disputes related to multi-tenant allocation of property tax and other common area expenses;
  • Insurance disputes involving actual cash value estimates, replacement cost estimates, etc.
  • Disputes related to the landlords consent, usually required not to be withheld unreasonably related to assignment or subleasing, or quality of proposed tenant alterations;
  • Adequacy of maintenance and/or responsibility for repairs under lease agreements;
  • Disputes related to permissible activities under a lease agreement.
  • Market Studies
    Market studies can involve examination of a single or a very wide range of issues. Often clients ask for reports which compile basic data and trend analysis of particular sub-markets.

    Absorption Studies
    Absorption studies are similar to supply/demand analysis and provide a client with estimates of the rate that an inventory can be sold and/or rented into a market. Typical property types are new or proposed subdivisions and multi-tenant commercial buildings.

    Highest and Best Use
    Often when a building is nearing the end of its economic life there may be a number of options for redevelopment. These options may include continuation of the current use, conversion to an alternate use, or demolition and redevelopment. The question that faces the property owner is: which of these uses if the most feasible? A Highest and Best Use study examines all of the potential uses and estimates which one of the potential uses is the Highest and Best Use.

    Expert Witness
    We can provide real estate related advice and consulting services, reports, and expert witness services for depositions, trial, or arbitration/mediation

    Is your organization involved in real estate? We can provide quality speakers for anything from an informal market update to a custom designed seminar on a real estate appraisal or valuation related topic. Please contact us for further details.