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A Technical Appraisal Review is a formal critical analysis of a Real Estate Appraisal Report. We provide Technical Appraisal Review services on appraisal reports from across Canada. The purpose of a review is to identify any significant deficiencies in the appraisal, and to form an opinion as to the appraisals completeness, credibility, and reliability.

Primarily used for litigation support (ie. deposition and/or trial preparation, mediation and arbitration, investigations, etc), Technical Appraisal Reviews are also used for corporate due diligence, mortgage portfolio analysis, IFRS and corporate audits.

We offer two basic types:

  • Technical Desk Review
  • Technical Field Review

The scope of a Technical Desk Review is limited to the data contained within the Appraisal Report. We provide a standards compliancy check, an analysis of the appraisal report to identify any departures from generally accepted appraisal methods, and an analysis to identify any other significant deficiencies which may undermine the credibility and/or reliability of the report and its conclusions.

A Technical Field Review is an expansion of a Technical Desk Review. During this process, we also conduct verifications of the factual data in the report, conduct inspections of the subject property and the comparables, as well as verify market data.

Many aspects of our Technical Field Review Services are optional which allows us to customize our service to your particular needs.

A Technical Appraisal Review does not include an alternate estimate of value, however should you require a separate appraisal we can provide that service as well.